Though not a puzzle per se, it’s still a maze and I figured that you would find this map helpful. On the map I have also indicated where Snowe’s Cura Tome is and where Hiante’s Binding Tome is (for text directions to them, please consult the character guides).

For the text directions to get through the Hedge Maze and to the next area: Go straight up until you hit the sign in front of three, then hang a left. Keep going left until you get to the edge and then go north as far as you can go. Once there, go east until you can’t anymore, go south and then go east and then north. Then keep going east until you can’t any longer and go south. Hang a left at the fork and keep going south until you can’t any longer. Then go west until you can’t. Go all the way south, then go west once more until you can go north again. Go all the way north that you can, then turn east until you hit the wall again. Then go south into the middle enclosure and step on the green tiles.