HP: 6,522
Atk: 50                           Def: 42
Mag: 50                        MDef: 36
Agi: 38                             Dex: 44


EXP: 6,144                           Lucre: N/A
Drops: N/A

This is the boss at the top of the Western Tower and right away you are at a disadvantage. When you begin this battle you will only have Hiante and Relenia and it is crucial you are careful when starting this battle as he can decimate you very quickly if you slip up. Astra joins the battle by the fifth turn, but Snowe doesn’t join this battle at all so you are without your main healer.

You should be on LVL 19 or above for this fight and  you should have also picked up Tremor (for Hiante) from the tower and Glacial Fortify (for Relenia).  Have everyone with updated equipment and keep the Lightning Charm on Relenia.

This boss has a few attacks that can decimate you if you’re not careful. If you’re lucky, he will use Absolution which does nothing (and you can laugh at him not being able to do a spell). His main ones are enchanting his halberd with either Fire or Lightning to which he will followup and stab one of you with either Fire or Lightning. Which is problematic because Hiante is weak to Fire and Relenia to Lightning (so hopefully you have that Lightning Charm still on her). He also has Resplendence which is a devastating Light attack which can blind your entire party. Lastly he has Gloom which is like Resplendence (except Dark instead of Light) and it can Poison and Silence you. When hit with all these status effects, be quick and use Relenia’s Heal. If she’s silenced, use an antidote on her and then use Heal.

The first thing you should do in this battle is have Hiante use the Child’s Cornet to bring down his atk and agi. Have Relenia use Glacial Fortify (or if you do not have it, have her throw up a Barrier Relic; and do your best to keep the def up boost on everyone). That will make sure that he won’t hit you very hard at all. The second turn you should have Hiante use the Scary Mask and have Relenia either poison him with Ill Humors or hit with Frozen Strike II or Water II, whichever you like, so long as no one needs any kind of healing. Remember, there is a high probability that the boss will go before Relenia in battle so if you desperately need a heal, have Hiante do it.

Once the debuffs are in place, you should have Hiante blind the boss with Sandstorm (if he isn’t blinded, keep doing it until he is blinded, your HP will thank you). Once the boss is, you can relegate Hiante to using Tremor which takes out a good amount of HP (and can also lower defense and agility), or keeping everyone healed.

When Astra joins the battle after turn five, the strategy remains similar, except you have an extra hand to keep people from dying. When she’s not needed to heal or do debuffing (she should be relegated to using the Scary Mask if Hiante has to use the Cornet or something else–she’s faster than Relenia and you want to make sure the boss’s mag stat remains down), she should use Swift Slash II. Cyclone Ferrum is a good choice, however it takes out a lot of her MP, so it’s best to conserve MP (just in case you need her Aeris Cura) and so you don’t have to replenish her MP so often.

If you come into this battle unprepared, you’re sure to face hardship. This boss comes out swinging and if given a turn to attack at his full strength, he’s sure to end the battle quickly. However, so long as you keep him debuffed and blinded, you shouldn’t have too many problems. As always, feel free to comment below with a strategy of your own.