Stats (Ed / Li)

 HP: 3,700 / 3,750
Atk: 32 / 29                           Def: 26 / 29
Mag: 29 / 42                         MDef: 27 / 35
Agi: 29 / 19                             Dex: 30 / 24


EXP: 7,000                           Lucre: N/A
Drops: x1 Ring of Kings (100%), x1 Ring of Queens (100%)

This is the boss at the end of the Sepulcher. This time instead of the single target, you have two targets (Ed: Edgar; Li: Lina up there) to worry about and you should do your best to keep your HP full as both bosses pack quite a punch. And bear in mind: you start this boss fight at a disadvantage. Edgar will always get off Heaven’s Strike before you have a chance to set up any buffs or prepare. Chances are, one or more of your characters will be frazzled (only one if you equipped the Lightning Charms (mentioned below) smartly).

For this fight I suggest being on LVL 16 at the very least and make sure you have the skills you can find while on Sepulcher. Snowe should at least have Cura (found in the Hedgemaze), Astra should have Lightning II (found near the Lord’s Tower–the scarecrow hints to it), Hiante should have Terra II (found right outside the castle), and Relenia should have Water II and Frozen Strike II (both can be found in the castle). There are more you can find on the Sepulcher, but those skills above are the most helpful for this fight.

Since there are two targets to worry about, you shouldn’t worry about using the Child’s Cornet or the Scary Mask because they aren’t as practical in this fight because they only target one enemy. If you feel you must use them, it’s best to use the Cornet on Edgar and the Mask on Lina.

When you defeat one of the bosses, the other one will go berserk and hit you with the hardest spell in his/her arsenal, which is why you should do your best to take down both bosses at the same time (if at all possible; ideally, if one goes down first, there should only be a turn or two left of fighting the other one). When Edgar has fallen, Lina will begin to cast World’s Blaze which deals quite a bit of fire damage on all party members. If Lina goes down with Edgar still standing, then he will begin to cast Heaven’s Strike with more frequency.

Ideally, you should defeat Lina first because her World’s Blaze can stun Hiante and give her an extra turn. Whereas, if you have the Lightning Charm on Relenia, Edgar won’t be able to stun anyone. However, the downside with the lightning is that he will be inflicting Frazzle on your party members. Astra is more or less safe from that but Snowe or Hiante is not. You can find two Lightning Charms in the castle (one in the dungeons, and the other through a secret passage found near where Hiante’s Double Dragons are), so it’s best to have Snowe and Relenia wearing the charms.

During battle you should keep Edgar blinded by using Hiante’s Sandstorm skill. Most of Edgar’s skills are physical so if you get him blinded, his attacks won’t hit as often. Lina can be silenced which you can use Hiante’s Rock Bludgeon for, but if you’re having a hard time silencing her, relegate Hiante to keeping Edgar blinded and swap between using Sandstorm and Terra II. In addition, you should keep both bosses poisoned by having Relenia use Ill Humors if she doesn’t have to do anything else.

Snowe and Astra should focus on healing everyone and keeping buffs up on the party (Barrier Relic for a defense boost) and making sure no one runs out of MP at an inopportune time. If no one needs healing or buffs, Snowe should use Flamma whereas Astra should use Lightning II (one upside to this is that Lina can be Frazzled). Always use attacks that hit both bosses instead of just one so you can get both bosses down at the same time.

Relenia should use Water II throughout the battle if she’s not needed to do anything else. While Lina cannot be inflicted with Wet, Edgar can. When he is inflicted with the Wet status, make sure Astra (or Hiante) follows up on the next turn and use either Lightning I or II (or Hiante’s IP skill, Lightning Edge) depending on how much MP she has. This way, if timed correctly and the state hasn’t warn off, you can stun one of the bosses so long as they had the Wet state afflicted. Relenia should also use her IP skill, Fire Pierce (attached to her Spear of Lugh). It takes great damage out of one or two of the bosses and also lowers their defense.

Be warned however though: Lina has a water skill that can inflict wet on all of your party members. If she does this, there’s a high chance that Edgar will followup the next turn with a Lightning Slash and he will target one of the members with the wet state inflicted. Snowe’s Cura does get rid of the Wet state so keep that in mind (and also keep that in mind when you inflicted wet on one of the bosses–if Snowe does Flamma or if Relenia uses Fire Pierce before someone does a lightning skill, the wet status will be gone).

Once one of the bosses is down, the other will go berserk. Your strategy doesn’t change all that much, except it’s a good idea to introduce the Scary Mask back into the battle. The skills are based on the boss’s MAG stat so keeping that down during the last part of the fight is ideal.

Keep your HP high, don’t let yourself run out of MP quickly, and keep up the fight and the boss shouldn’t give you that much difficulty. If it does, there are a variety of places in the castle to bring up your levels a bit. Don’t forget to use the healing bowl outside the boss room. As always, feel free to post your own strategy below if you thought of something more helpful.