HP: 1,679
Atk: 20                           Def: 20
Mag: 25                         MDef: 22
Agi: 12                             Dex: 16


EXP: 500                           Lucre: 150
Drops: x1 Elixir (100%)

The Old is fought in the Catacombs during Chapter 3. With him, he will summon two Loyal Subjects, which each have about 150-200 HP, but otherwise are about the same difficulty as the normal enemies fought throughout the Catacombs. You can beat the Old on LVL 6, but I would suggest getting to LVL 7 just for the HP/MP. If you aren’t careful on LVL 6, he can be a bit tough.

Before you face him, make sure to grab Astra’s new weapon (Chrysanthemum Edge) from the Catacombs and search the rubble to the left of where you can fight the boss to find Hiante’s new weapon (Razor’s Edge).

First, I will discuss what to do with the two Loyal Subjects the Old summons. They aren’t too much of a threat, but they are definitely an annoyance. The Loyal Subject with the sword will either raise the Old’s attack or attack you with either a normal attack or a double attack (which is like a normal attack, just hits twice instead of just once). It is weak to just about everything except lightning.

The second Loyal Subject should be killed as quickly as you are able as she can heal the main boss which puts a damper on any progress you were trying to make. If she’s not healing the Old, she will attempt to silence you, so she’s both kinds of annoying. She is also weak to just about everything except earth.

Both Loyal Subjects can be put to Sleep as well as the main boss. Use that if you are running low on HP or MP and don’t want the boss to get the upper-hand while you attempt to cure yourself.

A quick way to get rid of both Loyal Subjects (or at least to stun them for a turn) is to have Snowe use Flamma (can be found in the room you fight the Old in). Both subjects are very weak to fire and they have a 100% chance of being stunned by fire.

The main boss is more of a powerhouse than anything else. Things to be wary of however: he will dump water on your party and if any of your party members get inflicted with the Wet state, do your best to have Snowe use Cure I on them (as his cures are fire based, it will cure the Wet state as he heals). If you do not, the Old will cast a lightning spell on that unfortunate party member and will stun that party member (as having the Wet status makes you automatically have the weakness to lightning (Astra included)).

In addition to dumping water on you, he can also attack everyone at once, attack your party at random, and he can also use Concentrate which boosts his stats for one turn where he will most likely unleash a devastating attack on your party if you aren’t prepared. This can be undone by attacking the boss, or be safe and defend. It only lasts for one turn.

The strategy you can use against the Old makes him far easier than Lorel previously. He has one weakness: earth. I think Hiante will feel particularly useful here! The first thing you should do when getting into battle is have Snowe or Astra bring down the boss’s attack with the Child’s Cornet. Have Hiante either use Terra I or Rock Bludgeon (found in the Catacombs) on the Old; earth won’t stun him 100% but as long as you concentrate on doing an earth spell every turn, he should be stunned eventually. Hiante’s Razor’s Edge has an IP attack called Blind Edge which can be used to blind the main boss. However, be careful as the boss has a higher chance of using Concentrate when blinded.

When he summons the Loyal Subjects, have Hiante do Rock Bludgeon (or if you have him using Terra I only to conserve MP, you can forgo this bit of information if Snowe has enough MP to do Flamma): even though one Loyal Subject isn’t weak to earth, she can still be silenced which helps keep down her healing.

Astra and Snowe have similar roles in this battle: the Old doesn’t get affected by either Fire or Wind/Lightning, so they should focus on keeping the party healed (or as for Snowe, taking out the Loyal Subjects when they are summoned) or bringing down the stats of the Old.

Rinse and repeat, and the boss should go down relatively quickly. Poor old king, he’s been dead far too long to serve as a threat to your party! Feel free to comment below if you had another strategy you used and would like to share.