HP: 30,000
Atk: 81                           Def: 62
Mag: 72                         MDef: 67
Agi: 38                             Dex: 60


EXP: N/A                           Lucre: N/A
Drops: N/A

This is it: the final boss. These stats above represent the boss when you go for the Good Ending of Star Stealing Prince (if you went through Snowe’s nightmare, you’re getting the good ending). His stats for the Bad Ending are a bit less (he has 28,000 HP instead of 30,000 for example) but the strategy below doesn’t change and his attacks are set up the same way. He is a long boss fight, so get something to drink, make yourself comfortable and all that good stuff. As long as you keep an eye on your HP and don’t let him get a chance to hammer you into the ground, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

You should be on LVL 28 at the least for the Good Ending version and for the Bad Ending version, LVL 24-25 should be good.

For equipment, everyone should have their final weapons equipped (to  make use of their IP attacks that are attached (Shooting Star for Snowe, Heavenly Assault for Astra, Ten Crowns for Hiante, and God’s Strike for Relenia)). Snowe and Astra should be equipped with the Radiant Cloak to make use of Radiance. Relenia should keep the Lightning Charm equipped. Snowe should have the Green Ribbon and Astra or Hiante should have the Red Ribbon.

And don’t hoard your Harsh Tinctures or Elixirs. This is the last fight in the game so it’s best to use them when you need to and don’t worry about keeping them for an arbitrary collection.

The final boss starts out simply. He does what he did in the Western Tower; he can attack twice in one turn and can enchant his halberd with lightning or fire and will follow up with an elemental attack on one of your party members. When his HP reaches 50% or below, he won’t do that often and will start bringing out bigger things. Other physical attacks he can do is attacking everyone at once and Guillotine (deals twice as much damage as his normal attack and causes bleeding). He can also do Hallucination which is the same as the Dream’s Hallucination: it hits 2 random party members and causes poison and bleeding.

His next attacks that he starts to do when below 90% of his HP are Dark Emanation and Crying Heavens. The former hits two random party members and inflicts poison, darkness, silence, and wet on your party members. Crying Heavens is a hard hitting lightning attack that hits one person and can cause Frazzle. At 60% and below he’ll begin to do Dreamless which attacks two random party members and makes your character fall asleep.

The last three spells in his set up are Heaven, Absolution, and Armageddon. Heaven is one you should ALWAYS defend after he uses it; it ups every single one of his stats (and gives him a minor heal but if you’re doing good, you’ll be able to take that out soon after) and he will follow up using Absolution or Armageddon and if you are not defending, there is a chance some of your party is going to get KO’ed. Absolution, while it shares a name with a terrible attack from the previous boss, is merely a hard hitting dark spell. Armageddon is still the same hard hitting fire spell and just cross your fingers it doesn’t stun Hiante because after that beating, you don’t want the boss to do a followup attack. All three of those attacks require a cool down phase of a few turns before he’ll do them again so you should count yourself lucky.

Phew, so that’s out of the way. What should you focus on? First and foremost: keep those debuffs on the boss (if you don’t, you are going to have a hard time keeping up your HP). Assign either Snowe or Hiante (if they aren’t incapacitated for whatever reason) to use the Scary Mask or the Child’s Cornet respectively. Have Relenia keep up everyone’s defense by using Glacial Fortify (or Cold Barrier of for whatever reason you can’t do Glacial Fortify). Astra should help with any of the above as well if there is something that needs to be done.

Snowe should focus on keeping everyone healed and when he has a moment to spare, he should use Shooting Star (if his IP gauge is full) or he should use Sun Flare (which yes takes out 20 MP per use (unless you have the Green Ribbon on him; it’ll be 10 MP then), but it’s the hardest hitting spell he has at his disposal).

Astra should focus on dealing as much damage as you can. If you are in the Good Ending route, she’ll have use of Jupiter Strike which, while it does take out 20 MP per use, hits very hard. If you do not have that or you want to conserve MP, have her use Swift Slash II. In addition, if you feel your party members could be faster, have her use Aeris Haste when she has a spare moment. When her IP gauge is full, she should use either Heavenly Strike or Radiance (depending on where you are with your HP and buffs).

Hiante should keep the boss blinded with Sandstorm (you can even try silencing the boss for a few turns with Rock Bludgeon, but it’s better to focus on blinding). Otherwise, he should focus on using items to aid the party; if you need someone to heal quick and you’re afraid the boss will go before Snowe, have Hiante heal everyone with an item. If you want him to deal some damage, have him either use Tremor (which also brings down agi and def) or Terra’s Judgement.

Relenia should keep everyone up with Glacial Fortify and focus on being the second damage dealer in the fight. In addition, the boss can be poisoned so  have her do Ill Humors when she has a turn to spare. Frozen Strike II is a good attack to use, but if you want to use someone that inflicts wet on the boss, you can use Neptune’s Wave (just be sure to followup with a lightning attack quick because the wet status does not stay long on the boss). Use her IP attack, God’s Strike, as soon as she can (especially if she has her attack boosted). Keep her healed as when push comes to shove, she will be running around and shielding your people if need be.

Of course, you are also not alone completely in this boss fight. Throughout the battle, Richard, Erio, and the kids of Sabine will come in an aid you (I’m sure the adults would too but Erio can’t shield anyone bigger than himself). Richard will come in and heal all your HP and MP when the boss is below 65% of his HP. Erio will come in and do the same when the boss’ HP is below 40%. Lastly, the kids come in when the boss is at 25% of his HP and will heal your HP and MP, raise all your stats, and then bring down the boss’s stats and have a small attack of their own.

Just keep your HP high, defend when you have to, keep the boss debuffed, and you should be able to finish victorious. He’s hard, I know, but all of Sabine has faith that you can beat him.

As always, if you have another strategy you used, please comment below and share it with your fellow players! When you finish the boss, I hope you enjoy the ending!