HP: 10,000
Atk: 77                           Def: 65
Mag: 65                         MDef: 65
Agi: 48                            Dex: 62


EXP: 15,000                           Lucre: 5,00
Drops: x1 Amrita Tonic (100%), x1 Elixir (100%)

This boss is found at the end of Snowe’s nightmare, and he is optional (though once you start the Nightmare dungeon, you can’t get out). If you’re having trouble starting the Nightmare dungeon, here’s how to get it: first, make sure you have The Princess’ Memory. You can find it from Astra’s room in the Eastern Tower (it’ll be the flower on her bed after the start of Chapter 6). Watch that memory while she’s on your party and once you get to the Homebound Cave, speak with Astra near where she’s sitting. At the end of that conversation, she’ll tell you to talk to Erio if you need help sleeping. Do so and he’ll be able to get you to the optional dungeon.

When you beat this boss, you are on the way to the Good Ending of Star Stealing Prince. Though it goes without saying that he isn’t going to go down without a fight. You should aim to be on LVL 27 or LVL 28 for this fight. If you find you are too low, do not save after getting Astra in the dream; once you get her, the monsters disappear and you can’t grind anymore.

One of the things you have to prevent at all cost is leaving Snowe KO’ed in the fight. If Snowe is KO’ed at the end of the following turn he died in, the Dream will cast Absolution which will wipe out any remaining party members no matter what level you’re on. It’s Snowe’s nightmare so once his consciousness is not in control, that means the Dream’s consciousness is (thus ending the dream very quickly!), so just make sure not to leave Snowe KO’ed at all throughout the fight (which means unless you have a really good plan, do not use Snowe’s Starlit Sacrifice–while it’s a surefire way to heal up Erio and Astra, if the next turn goes south really fast and you don’t revive him, that’s a way to ensure a game over for yourself).

Other than Absolution, the Dream has quite a number of attacks. He has two that’ll give him a boost in stats (Protection (defense and magic go up) and Resplendence (everything goes up)). When he uses Resplendence, he will follow up with either Nightmare (inflicts poison, darkness, silence, sleep and bleeding on one of your party members) or Armageddon (flame based spell which can just burn all members of the party). When he does Protection, he will follow up with Phantasm which hits everyone with a dark based spell. Lastly, he has Hallucination which does damage to two random party members and poisons and makes them bleed.

First order of business in this battle is to keep his stats down with the Child’s Cornet and the Scary Mask. If you don’t keep his stats down, his attacks hurt a hell of a lot more.

Have Erio use Spark Shield whenever your party doesn’t have their defense buffed up. Otherwise, he should focus on keeping the boss poisoned with his Poison Jab and then also keep the boss bleeding with Blood Letting. Black Hole doesn’t hurt as much in this fight because the boss’s element is dark so refrain from using that. You can have him use Demonic Lightning when his IP gauge is up as well as it dishes out a lot of damage.

Snowe should focus on keeping everyone healed (and use Revive on any party member that happens to be KO’ed) and if his IP gauge fills all the way up, have him use Shooting Star (so long as you have the Maiden’s Hope equipped, if not, ignore this piece of advice).  Even though the boss looks like he’s on fire and you’d think fire wouldn’t affect him, you can still use fire based attacks and not worry so much; it’s a dream after all.

Astra (or should I say Dream Astra) comes to the fight with a new attack: Jupiter Strike. While it costs 20 MP a use, it dishes out great damage and if her MP is not needed for anything else, she should focus on using it. If you equipped the Radiant Cloak on her, she should use Radiance once her IP gauge is filled (Snowe can do this too, but if you have the Maiden’s Hope equipped, Shooting Star is a better use of his IP guage). This will raise all your stats and heal all your HP so in a pinch, it’s quite handy.

Another thing that Astra can do is simply attack the boss if she has the Mistilteinn equipped. When she does a physical attack, it will bring down the boss’s defense by 5% each strike (until he does Protection which resets his defense). However, if this isn’t dealing the damage you want her to take out, you can ignore this and just do the aforementioned strategy.

Always keep an eye on your HP and keep those debuffs in place. When the Dream begins to get low on his HP, he will start spamming his higher hitting attacks. At most, keep Snowe and another party member alive if that’s all you can manage. It would suck to have Snowe die for a turn and have the battle end because you couldn’t revive him quick enough. Once the battle is over, celebrate! But not too long because shortly after would be the final boss.

As usual, feel free to comment below if you used a different strategy and you wanted to share it. Hope you survived that one well enough.