HP: 7,409
Atk: 63                           Def: 53
Mag: 43                         MDef: 48
Agi: 41                             Dex: 52


EXP: 6,124                         Lucre: 432
Drops: x1 Elixir (100%)

The phantom is the boss blocking the the way home. There are two forms of him; this is the second form after you finish the ghost puzzle. The first form isn’t beatable and your party aborts the battle within three turns. As always, he shouldn’t be too hard if you’re adequately prepared.

You should be on at least LVL 22 or above and make sure at least two people have Lightning Charms on. While he doesn’t use it often, he does have a lightning attack that targets everyone and will more than likely cause Frazzle state which is always frustrating.

The first thing the phantom will do is Magic Drain which does exactly what the name implies: drains all your MP. Set Relenia up to heal it with a Harsh Tincture (you should have some, if you don’t, give the first ether to whoever you think will need it the most the following turn). If you choose anyone else to use it, there is a chance that person would go before the boss thus making it a wasted ether or wasted tincture. Hiante should start the battle with the Child’s Cornet as the boss has mostly physical attacks and you want to keep his atk down (or if you worry about bringing down his agi will make Relenia go before him, you can have Hiante do this the second turn). It doesn’t hurt to also use the Scary Mask but if it’s a toss up between using one or the other, make sure to keep using the Child’s Cornet to get that atk down.

The other attacks that the boss has are Beat Down (he will beat you down with his fists, can confuse you–if this is a problem, equip the Calm Kerchiefs), Spiritual Strike (silences and makes you bleed, attacks one player twice), Spiritual Flash (lightning based attack, can frazzle and blind you), and Phantom Slash (applies def down to one party member and also makes you bleed).

When the boss summons a swarm of bats to aid him, have someone use a spell that hits all enemies. I suggest having Snowe use Flamma because out of all the attacks that harm all enemies, his takes the least MP. The bats only have 100 HP each so one Flamma should do the trick. The bats don’t hurt very much, however they are very annoying (and can make everyone but Hiante bleed) and they have very high agility so they are sure to go before your entire party.

If you still have the Holy Rod in your inventory, you could equip that on Snowe and make use of its IP attack, Holy Strike which can exploit the boss’s weakness. If you don’t have it, it’s not a real problem as this boss shouldn’t be that difficult. To give him another weakness, use the Relenia and Astra combo where Relenia gives the boss the Wet status and Astra follows up with a skill that has lightning.

Lastly, since most of the boss’s attacks are physical, you should have Hiante blind him at the earliest convenience. If you keep him blind and debuffed (even adding a Glacial Fortify for your own party) the boss should go down very easily as he won’t be much of a threat.

He really shouldn’t be too difficult. If you used another strategy that you wanted to share, feel free to comment below.