HP: 1,000
Atk: 20                           Def: 14
Mag: 46                         MDef: 30
Agi: 7                             Dex: 14


EXP: 120                           Lucre: 300
Drops: x1 Sweet Tonic (100%)

Lorel is the first boss that you encounter (not counting the first version of him nor are we counting the mid-boss that was Erio). He’s tough, but as long as you preserver, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

A good level to be on when you fight him is LVL 4 or above. Some people have an easier time beating him on LVL 5, but I made sure he could be beat on LVL 4. If you feel you are too low when you reach him, go back into the Eastern Tower and find some unsuspecting phantoms to beat up.

Before you fight him, make sure everyone is equipped with something that protects against Freeze. Astra’s default cloak already does the trick for her, but Snowe and Hiante won’t have anything by default. Give the Cozy Mittens to Snowe and give the Cozy Cloak to Hiante (it will bring up his bad defense); both items are found in the Eastern Tower. Make sure Hiante also has equipped the Bone Armor (can be found in the fifth room up from the bottom floor of the tower, and the key for its chest is found in the kitchen (which is to the right of the Healing Statue in the tower)) and make sure Snowe has equipped Erio’s Spare Suit.

In addition, I hope you picked up Snowe’s Flame I spell from his room. If not, it’s not a big deal but he won’t be giving any hard hits in this battle.

By the time you get to him, make sure you have the Child’s Cornet and the Scary Mask. Both are given to you by children in town before you head out to Sabine Forest (Trillby or Joshua give you the Scary Mask and Francis or Ivy will give you the Child’s Cornet). If you do not have these things, the boss will be harder and it’s best to be on a higher level (just when fighting, keep an eye on your HP at all times).

In the very beginning of battle, have Hiante use the Child’s Cornet and have Snowe follow up and use the Scary Mask. You can have them switch items to use, but Hiante is the fastest in your party so he’s in a better place to bringing down the boss’s AGI. As for Astra, have her use her Swift Slash I (which you should have picked up in the room Snowe woke up in).

Whenever the effects of the Cornet or the Mask run their course, reapply the effects by using the items again. It’s a must to at least keep down the boss’s magic as his skills are primarily magically based and when you get his HP lower than 25%, the boss will begin to spam Blizzard which, if not prepared, can knock you out very quickly.

During the middle of battle, have Astra spam her Swift Slash I if no one needs healing (if more than one person needs healing, have her do Recover if her IP gauge is high enough, if it’s not, have her use an item (and have Snowe heal the other person) on someone or make one of them throw up a tincture while the other attacks). If you have Snowe’s Flame I skill, by the end, Astra should use Recover (as Blizzard is sure to fill up her IP gauge enough for her to use that every turn and everyone is sure to need a heal), and Snowe should use Flame I on the boss. Hiante should focus on keeping the stats down, using Flame Edge if his IP gauge is high enough, or just attacking or healing if the turn calls for it. If it’s a toss up between knocking down the stats or using Flame Edge, always knock down the stats first.

If you still have trouble, the boss can be Poisoned and if you need a turn to heal, he can also be put to Sleep. Use the turn you put him to Sleep to heal yourself and debuff the boss and then go back to attacking. If you need to heal and someone doesn’t have anything else to do, have that person defend. You don’t want to wake up the boss if you are still in the midst of healing.

That should lead you to victory. Feel free to comment below if you had another strategy you used and would like to share. I hope Lorel didn’t give you too much trouble.