HP: 2,500
Atk: 30                           Def: 22
Mag: 35                         MDef: 28
Agi: 16                             Dex: 23


EXP: 1,000                           Lucre: 50
Drops: x1 Chimera Horn (100%), x1 Amrita Tonic (100%)

The Chimera is the boss you fight in the Guardian’s Shrine. There are two versions of him, but you are not meant to fight the hard version (though you can if you want a challenge). The way to activate the easy version is to do the puzzle found on the first floor of the Guardian’s Shrine (which I suggest you do; while the hard version is beatable, it takes very careful strategy).

If the puzzle on the first floor is giving you trouble, here’s the solution:

Just hit the switches in the order provided. That will make the boss into the easy version and for which this guide is created for (I will have my friend post up a guide for the hard version if you want).

(The hard boss has higher stats, higher HP, but he drops a lot more EXP (2,000 instead of 1,000) and drops an Elixir instead of an Amrita Tonic.)

First thing’s first: he is beatable on LVL 9, but again, if he’s hitting you too hard, best to be on LVL 10 or 11 so your HP can withstand the onslaught. In addition, make sure everyone has grabbed their magic tomes from the Shrine. Snowe should have Flame II in his arsenal, Astra should have Aeris Cura, Hiante should have Sandstorm, and Relenia should have Ill Humors. Lastly, make sure everyone has updated equipment, especially armor.

The Chimera has a 95% chance to attack twice per turn, so keep that in mind while you set up the debuffs with the Cornet and the Mask. If the Chimera attacks twice in a turn, the debuffs wear off much quicker. In the first half of the battle, you should focus on making sure his atk and agi stay down. When he begins to use Lightning Blast, you should get both debuffs going every time they wear off.

Attacks the Chimera can do are as follows: he can poison you (with either Poison Claws (one person) or Deadly Poison (entire party), he can dump water on you (and followup with a lightning attack which will stun that party member), he can use Rumble which attacks at least two people (and can stun Astra), and lastly he can do Lightning Blast (which he has a higher chance of doing when his HP is getting low, if he’s burned, or if he’s blind (also hits up to three party members)).

Good thing here is that the Chimera is weak against Fire. Throughout the battle, if Snowe is not needed to heal anyone, he should focus on using Flame II (found in the entrance chamber of the Shrine) and cross your fingers that it stuns the boss.  Although you have to be careful with Snowe’s skills because if the boss remains burned for an extended period of time, it will cause him to do Lightning Blast. So if you worry about that, have Relenia cast Water I on him which will negate the Burn status.

Astra should be relegated to helping Hiante do the debuffs and once those are set up, have her keep everyone healed if need be with Aeris Cura (heals everyone), and if she doesn’t need to do any of that, when her IP guage is high enough, you should use Energy Shower (this is if you have the Chrysanthemum Edge).

Relenia should keep everyone’s defense up with Barrier Relics if you have them and also help with the debuffing if Astra’s preoccupied. Since the boss is strong against all her attacks, she’s in support position for this battle (and she’ll be able to shield party members from attacks in this battle if said blow is going to KO the party member (except for attacks that hit everyone). Remember that Relenia is also the slowest of the party, so if you have her doing some healing, make sure that no one needs it desperately because the boss will go before her most cases in battle. If you also want to poison the boss (which he can be) she can also use Ill Humors (found in Relenia’s room) on him. Though it may not hurt much at all, at least he’ll be poisoned.

Lastly, Hiante should concentrate on keeping the boss blinded with either Sandstorm or Blind Edge (which yes, does up the chance to have him do Lightning Blast, but if the boss is hitting you too hard with physical attacks, blind will make most of them miss and it will also make Rumble miss). Otherwise, he should do physical attacks and concentrate on debuffing.

Rinse and repeat, and the boss should be finished in no time. Just keep an eye on your HP and make sure to keep those stats down. As always, feel free to comment with your own strategy if you had another one you used.