In this game, you can be inflicted with a variety of states that either increase your stats, decrease them, or do something nasty to you so you probably want to know what they all are and what they mean. When your characters are inflicted with states in battle, icons will show up next to the IP gauge and will cycle through the states your character has inflicted upon him or her. All states can be healed by an Antidote or magic unless otherwise stated. Here I will list them for your convenience.

KO’ed: This status means that your character’s HP has fallen to 0 and said character cannot do anything in battle anymore until you revive him or her. They can be revived with a Revive Herb or magic. This also cancels all other statuses that character may be inflicted with, however that’s not very helpful when said character can’t perform actions anymore.

Poison: This status means that your character has been afflicted with poison. That does slip damage on your character at the end of his or her turn. This damage is determined by a percentage and will not kill your character.

Darkness: This status means that your character has lowered dexterity, which means said character will have a hard time hitting the enemies and have a hard time dodging enemies. There are two types of darkness–one that is inflicted by enemies and another that is inflicted by not being able to see in a dark map. The first type can be cured with an Antidote or magic while the second can be prevented by having a lantern in your inventory.

Silence: This status means that your character cannot use magic. Since this makes the character unable to speak, he or she cannot use magic as the magic needs the character’s voice to work (even if said voice is only whispered–it needs some kind of vocalization).

Confuse: This status means that your character has been confused. This will make the character attack anyone within range–the enemies and even your allies aren’t safe. This can be cured by a good knock to the head by the enemies or an antidote which brings the character back to his or her senses.

Paralyze: This status means that your character has been paralyzed. This prevents the character from performing an action or moving all together, so that means your dexterity is also down as someone who can’t move clearly can’t dodge.

Sleep: This status means your character has fallen asleep in battle. What a lazy bum. This brings down your defenses a little bit as well as your dexterity. A good smack from an enemy is sure to wake a sleeping character up.

Bleed: This status means that your character is bleeding. This only happens if your character or the enemy are hit with a blade that can pierce or cut the skin. It doesn’t happen all the time, thankfully. It lowers your character’s stats because they are concerned with how much blood they’re losing. This will heal on its own in about three turns or until you heal the character with magic or a simple potion.

Stun: This status means that for one turn your character is stunned. This only happens when your character is hit with his or her weakness. For example, Snowe is weak against water. If he is hit with water, then for that turn, he will be stunned. This cannot be healed by an antidote or magic.

Burned: This status means that your character has been burned with fire. The fire will go out on its own or give your character a splash of water magic. This lowers your ability to act (lowers dexterity, defense, attack) because your character is concerned with his or her skin on fire and your character’s HP will also deplete if said burn is not treated. In addition, while burned characters will suffer 50% less damage from Fire.

Wet: This status means that your character has been doused with water. This doesn’t do much to your stats at all, but if said character is hit with lightning while wet, the lightning will act as that character’s weakness no matter what the character’s normal weakness is. This status will go away when healed with fire-based magic or in a few turns. In addition, while wet, characters will suffer 50% less damage from Water.

Frozen: This status means that your character has been frozen into a block of ice. Said character cannot move which makes it similar to paralysis. However, this can be healed with fire-based magic and/or status healing magic. In addition, while frozen, characters will suffer 50% less damage from Ice.

Frazzled: This status means that your character has been frazzled by lightning. This acts like the stunned status above and said character cannot perform an action for one full turn.

ATK Up, DEF Up, AGI Up, MAG Up: These four are all good things for your characters. The first increases the character’s attack which allows them to hit harder. The second increases the defense which allows them to withstand damage. The third increases your agility which allows your characters to perform actions faster. And the last increases your magic so the magic your perform will be stronger. These all go away after three turns and can be gotten rid of if the enemy has the right skill.

ATK Down, DEF Down, AGI Down, MAG Down: These four are all bad things for your characters. The first decreses your attack which makes you hit less. The second decreases your defense which allows enemies to hit you harder. The third decreases your agility which makes you slower to act during the action phase of battle. And the last decreases your magic so your magic doesn’t hit as hard. This only lasts for three turns and can be canceled by using the opposite skill (e.g.: ATK Up when ATK Down is in play will get rid of ATK Down and return character stats to normal).