In this game, your characters can use magic to aid them in battle. As such, each character has an element that he or she specializes in which also means that your characters have weaknesses. Luckily, most phantoms you face in this game on your journey also have weaknesses. Below is the main element types that you have at your disposal and how the types interact with each other.

Here are the four basic elements that your party has available to you (except for Light and Dark which I will go into at the very end). Please consult the character pages to learn which character is which element. Now, as I said before, each character has his or her own element which leaves them open to weakness. The weaknesses work in a paper-rock-scissors sort of fashion. For example, just because Element A is weak against Element B doesn’t mean that Element B is weak against Element A (like how scissors cut paper but paper doesn’t slice scissors).

  Fire is weak against water (and to a lesser extent ice) as a bucket of water is sure to put out fire.

  Water is weak against lightning (which comes with the wind) as the caster is no match against a lightning storm in the middle of water.

  Wind is weak against earth because earth can trap the wind and can ground lightning.

  Earth is weak against fire because not much can stop fire from scorching forests and grass.

The last two elements don’t have as much importance as the four just mentioned as they don’t show up often at all. These are Light and Dark and you will seldom encounter them in your travels. But for completions sake, they are weak against each other. Light can overpower the dark given there’s enough light and the dark can overpower the light given there’s enough dark.