This is the basic display you will see in battle. It is at the bottom of your screen and tells you how your character is doing in battle.

1. This is the actions your characters can perform in battle.

The default one is Attack. The icon changes depending on what your characters have equipped. Choose this and then select the enemy you want to attack and then when the choosing phase of the battle is over, your character will attack.

The icon to the right is the icon for Magic. This, when clicked, will open a menu which contains all the magic that the character has available to use as well as how much said magic costs. Choose one of those and choose which enemy to attack and the character will perform the magic during the action phase of battle.

The icon to the left of the starting point is an icon for Items. When clicked, this will open up your item menu. This item menu is different than the one you’re accustomed to in your menu outside of battle–these items will only be the ones you can use during battle.

The last icon on the wheel is the one for Defend. Choosing this will make your character defend during the action phase of the battle which ups character’s defense for that one turn. If character is low on HP and you know the enemy will attack before said character can be healed, it’s wise to defend.


2. This displays your characters’ stats in battle. It will show all your party members at the same time and you choose actions for your characters in the order shown.

The first gauge is for the character’s HP (Health Points). When you take damage in battle, your HP will deplete and if you do not heal the HP and the gauge empties and the number reads 0, your character will be considered “KO’ed” and thus cannot participate in battle until you revive him or her.

The second gauge is for the character’s MP (Magic Points). This is what allows your character to use magic. If this gauge empties and the number reads 0, then your character cannot use magic until you use a MP replenishing item on him or her.

The last gauge is the IP gauge (Item Points). There are some skills you can get from equipping weapons and armor that take from this gauge. You can tell the difference in the menu if the skill has the IP icon next to it and a percentage instead of a set number. These skills can only be used if you have said equipment equipped. Once you take off that equipment, that skill is no longer able to be used. Ways to make the IP gauge go up is to be hit during battle–the harder you get hit, the faster the gauge fills. Healing the characters do not deplete the IP gauge and if the character’s HP ever reaches 0 and he or she becomes KO’ed, then the IP gauge will empty and you’ll have to start over with filling it.


3. This is where the enemies you face in battle are displayed. During the action phase of battle, animations also occur here.

When selecting enemies to have your character attack, the enemies will have a faint glow to them so you know which one you are targeting. In addition, when selecting an enemy to perform an action on, at the top of the screen you’ll notice (if said enemy has been inflicted with any statuses) a list of status afflictions the enemy has been inflicted with. Always be sure what the enemy is inflicted with so you don’t accidentally try doing something to it and it doesn’t work because said enemy is already inflicted with said status. A list of statuses can be found in the last section, “Statuses and What They Mean”.