Here you can learn the basics of playing Star Stealing Prince. Here the pages are linked, but you can also use the drop down menu to click any of the pages available.

Controls: This details the use of your computer’s keyboard and tells you which keys are used in game. If you do not use a keyboard, you can use a gamepad which you can configure before you start the game.

Magic: This details the type of elements found in the game (and how that applies to magic) and the weaknesses that correspond to the different elements. Give this a read over if you want to familiarize yourself with elements beforehand.

Battle: This details the display that you see in battle which is the main mode of gathering EXP in the game. You will face many battles so it’s handy that you familiarize yourself with what you can do in battle and what the display means.

Status Menu: This details the part of your menu that gives you insight into your characters. Please go over this if you have any questions on what parts of the Status Menu means.

States: This is a handy guide of all the state effects in my game which will make or break your playing experience. Give this a read over if any of the states confuse you.