Age: 26               Element: Water
Height: 5’9          Weapon: Spear

A blue haired woman who was charged with protecting the entrance to the Sepulcher. For years she’s stayed there to perform her duty to the late King and Queen, however, she doesn’t want to remain there forever. She always dreams of going back home, however, she was raised to perform one’s duty, so she does not leave her post.



 Water 1

MP: 1
Type: Offense
Description: Spray water at one enemy.
Found: N/A (default)

 Frozen Strike I

MP: 2
Type: Offense
Description: Freeze the enemy and then strike to break the ice.
Found: N/A (default)

Ill Humors

MP: 3
Type: Offense
Description: Drown enemies in toxic waters. (all enemies)
Found: Guardian Shrine (Relenia’s room)


MP: 8
Type: Support
Description: Cure all state ailments on all party members.
Found: The Lord’s Tower (ground floor) | Guardian Shrine (fountain room) if forgotten

 Water II

MP: 5
Type: Offense
Description: Spray water on all enemies.
Found: Sepulcher’s Castle (storage) | Guardian Shrine (west priestess’s chamber, southwest room) if forgotten

 Frozen Strike II

MP: 6
Type: Offense
Description: Freeze your enemies and then unleash a volley of attacks.
Found: Sepulcher’s Castle (hidden room) | Guardian’s Shrine (Maiden’s floor) if forgotten

 Glacial Fortify

MP: 8
Type: Support
Description: Use ice to protect your allies from harm.
Found: Western Tower (fourth floor)

 Neptune’s Wave

MP: 20
Type: Offense
Description: Use water to summon waves to save those you hold dear.
Found: Talk to Relenia at the end after viewing A Mother’s Memory.