Age: ??                Element: Earth
Height: 6’3          Weapon: Dual Swords

Made of bones and nothing else, his only duty is to protect Astra. He remembers nothing from his previous life, but he prefers it that way. He was summoned by the late King and Queen when Astra was still little and has raised her since. When he is not protecting Astra or arguing with Erio, he is lost in fantasy novels and endeavors to one day be a great knight.



 Terra I

MP: 1
Type: Offense
Description: Drop some rocks on one enemy.
Found: N/A (default)

 Rock Bludgeon

MP: 3
Type: Offense
Description: Bludgeon all foes with a combo of rocks and strikes (adds blind, silence, and confusion to enemies).
Found: Catacombs (room with magic circle and no BGM)


MP: 5
Type: Offense
Description: Summon forth a sandstorm to blind enemies (adds blind state to enemies).
Found: Guardian Shrine (priestess’s west chamber, middle room on the right)


MP: 5
Type: Offense
Description: Bind a foe so that they cannot act (adds paralysis state to enemy).
Found: Hedgemaze (go all the way east and then north) | Eastern Tower (outside) if forgotten

 Terra II

MP: 7
Type: Offense
Description: Call forth spikes of earth to take down three random enemies.
Found: Sepulcher’s Castle (exterior, to the upper right) | Sabine Forest (left of the Numismatist) if forgotten

 Earth Focus

MP: 10
Type: Support
Description: Concentrate very hard and the world will increase your abilities (adds concentration state to user).
Found: Sepulcher’s Castle (storage) | Catacombs (coffin nailed shut) if forgotten


MP: 10
Type: Offense
Description: Create an earthquake to harm your enemies.
Found: Western Tower (hall to the left or right of the first mirror room)

 Terra’s Judgment

MP: 20
Type: Offense
Description: Use the power of the earth to condemn one enemy to hell.
Found: Speak with Hiante at the end after viewing A Fallen Soldier’s Memory.