Age: 21              Element: Wind
Height: 5’5         Weapon: Sword

She may not have actual royal blood within her veins, but she is considered a princess by her two bodyguards–Hiante and Erio. She lives in the tower and keeps watch of the sky as part of her duty to the late King and Queen. She is armed with a long sword and does everything in her power to keep everything the way it’s supposed to be, as per the King and Queen’s request.



 Swift Slash I

MP: 3
Type: Offense
Description: A sword technique enhanced by the wind with a touch of lightning.
Found: Eastern Tower (Erio’s room)

Lightning I

MP: 1
Type: Offense
Description: Call forth a bolt of lightning to attack your enemy.
Found: N/A (default)

Aeris Cura

MP: 4
Type: Support
Description: Use the soothing winds to cure everyone’s wounds.
Found: Guardian Shrine (west priestess’ chamber, in room hidden by wardrobe)

Lightning II

MP: 5
Type: Offense
Description: Call forth a lightning storm to destroy your enemies.
Found: The Lord’s Tower (south of scarecrow that mentions hiding a book) | Sabine Castle (guest room) if forgotten

Swift Slash II

MP: 4
Type: Offense
Description: A stronger sword technique enhanced by the wind.
Found: Sepulcher’s Airways (in room found by falling through carpet) | Eastern Tower (room with spikes and healing statue) if forgotten

Aeris Haste

MP: 6
Type: Support
Description: Quicken all your party members with the wind.
Found: Sepulcher’s Castle (stairways) | Eastern Tower (kitchen) if forgotten

Cyclone Ferrum

MP: 11
Type: Offense
Description: Summon a cyclone and cut into your foes from every direction.
Found: Western Tower (third floor, bookshelf)

Jupiter Strike

MP: 20
Type: Offense
Description: Calls forth the power of a lightning God to decimate the enemies.
Found: The Dream (automatic)